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Welcome to GTNN LLC (Freight and Procurement Services)

Our Procurement Services include expertise in purchasing, policies and procedures of many companies with over 5 years experience in the business and having procured and purchased from big companies, we believe that our experience here, is good enough to get you the best prices for the best products. We ensure that our contacts worldwide will provide these services. Goods and services are purchased, delivered, and/or performed in a timely and cost effective manner. All purchases are done in an ethical and professional manner while meeting our end users’ expectations.

Procurement Services also provides timely and accurate expenditure of clients funds while charging a percentage of purchase cost. We have paid on clients behalf by Cheques, Bank Transfer Electronic Payment and other accepted forms of payment as the client would be required to make.

Our Procedure Include

* Assessment of needs
* Preparation and negotiation of procurement specifications
* Confirmation of availability from source
* Payments and Confirmation of Shipping period
* Import and export management
* Component inspection
* Collection


* Item for procurement must be above $500
* Administrative Charges of $100 must be paid for the service to commence
* Agreement of Final Fees
* Payment of Full Charges to include cost of Shipping
* Confirmation of shipping period

Services at a Glance

Virtual Office
Consolidation / Warehousing
Online Purchases
Freight Air and Sea
Custom Clearance

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